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Company Profile

Based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, WatchCaptain LLC provides consulting services to streamline the management, business development and day to day operations of marine based businesses. 

With its roots in financial information systems, the precursor of WatchCaptain, Quadrant Corporation, was approached by a local shipyard seeking help in designing a new system to manage the workflow of its own expanding operations.  Quadrant took its understanding of financial databases and processing of accounting transactions to produce it first system for shipyards under the specifications of its client, Mattapoisett Boat Yard.

The successful implementation of the Mattapoisett project in 1998 led to numerous inquiries from other local shipyards within South Eastern Massachusetts and other New England states.  The company adapted the original program for a larger audience utilizing the latest software development technologies.  The result was WatchCaptain Professional a pioneer in shipyard management software. At the same time, the company renamed itself to reflect its focus in the marine industry and all WatchCaptain products have been designed for marine based businesses specifically, giving its customer base a distinct advantage over operations using systems originally designed for generic use.

As WatchCaptain's client base grew, so too did the need for state of the art communications with vendors, suppliers and customers.  Clients also expressed interest in a new, more modern user interface much closer to the style of interaction with an Internet-style "Browser" screen familiar to users at any level of technical training.  To answer that need, in 2005 WatchCaptain released WatchCaptain Premier, its second generation Marine Management System for boat builders, shipyards, and retro-fit and repair shops.

To further its offerings to the marine industry, in 2005 WatchCaptain acquired The Marina Program (TMP), leading software for marina management.  With over 350 installations, and a feature set that evolved over many years of working closely with diverse marinas, The Marina Program is a fully featured robust solution that swiftly handles day to day marina operations while providing the higher level tools needed for making sound business decisions.  The program continues to flourish and has become a significant asset to WatchCaptain that will continue to be nourished and modernized over time.

One of the core elements of the WatchCaptain culture has always been providing exemplary customer support. After long and thoughtful consideration WatchCaptain decided to exit the software development and support business. WatchCaptain, committed to finding an organization that held the same customer support philosophy, found Nautical Software Solution. Confident that its customers would continue to recieve the same high quality level of service, WatchCaptain divested its The Marina Program and WatchCaptain Professional products and discontinued the WatchCaptain Premier product. It then shifted its focus to taking the years of business and marine industry experience and began offering services to the marine industry.

WatchCaptain is proud to continue to serve the marine industry with top notch consulting services. As from the beginning, helping businesses in the marine industry be more effective, efficient and fiscally healthy continues to be the goal.

WatchCaptain Chronology

After working in conjunction witht he Mattapoisett Boatyard in 1998 WatchCaptain introduced WatchCaptain Professional, its new marine management system, to the local shipyards. This product launched the newly renamed organization squarely into the marine industry.
WatchCaptain introduced WatchCaptain Premier, its new shipyard management system, to the industry at the end of 2005. Recognizing the innovative value of Watch Captain's "Premier" software, the United States Navy became the first customer with a system installed at the US Naval Academy for repair and maintenance of the Academy's fleet of vessels.
In 2005, WatchCaptain acquired The Marina Program, leading software for marina management with the goal of diversifying the company product portfolio.
Since then, WatchCaptain has added several new installations of The Marina Program and Premier among top marinas, shipyards and yacht service companies.
WatchCaptain divested The Marina Program and WatchCaptain Professional to Nautical Software Solution. The WatchCaptain Premier product was discontinued at that time. WatchCaptain then shifted its focus to providing consulting services to the Marine Industry.
WatchCaptain LLC, 98 Front Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740