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Product Overview

WatchCaptain Marine Management Software

Nautical Software Solution, a division of Alliance Management and Consulting Group, has acquired The Marina Program and the WatchCaptain Professional products.

Nautical Software Solution has added these products to their portfolio and is continuing to develop and support them providing the marine industry with a comprehensive suite of marine management systems.

WatchCaptain continues to provide implementation and training support for these products leveraging its experience in maintaining and supporting these products.

The status of the WatchCaptain products are as follows:

The Premier product has been discontinued and is no longer supported.
Professional, an entry-level Windows-based application for smaller shipyards is now supported by Nautical Software Solutions.
The Marina Program, a dedicated, stand-alone package for the management of harbors and marinas without ship servicing requirements is now supported by Nautical Software Solutions

For more information contact Nautical Software Solutions.

WatchCaptain LLC, 98 Front Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740