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From design to finished product, boat building is a combination of art, craftsmanship, engineering and a great deal of plain hard work. Shipbuilding requires blending large amounts of labor and materials in a complex assembly process in which automation is difficult to achieve and accurate accounting is vital. In limited production or custom boatbuilding the financial risk is often significant as the yards' product is sold on a fixed price basis while their costs in labor, parts and productivity are essentially extremely variable. To complicate matters, changes in project specifications along the production process are frequent occurrences that must be anticipated and managed efficiently with a flexible system.

A marine management system for boat builders needs to provide an accurate measure of the financial progress in unit production costs of a project at any point in time. WatchCaptain's solutions are designed to post in real-time any yard activity and transaction to the yards' accounting system. Furthermore, WatchCaptain can handle extremely complex work orders with hundreds of subtasks and reflect changes in estimates as the production of a unit is underway so that the client and shipyard owners are properly informed. Most marine systems that are standardized for a fixed set of tasks lack the flexibility to address the needs of shipbuilding.



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