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Solutions Overview

At WatchCaptain, one hundred percent of our customers are in the marine industry. From shipbuilding to sales, repair, retrofit and storage, we cover every facet of the industry's requirements in information systems. Marine professionals know that the accumulated experience we have in managing business processes in a wide range of marine industry environments will translate in better systems being implemented within their own operations.

We believe that software should be flexible enough to be successfully applied across all types of marine businesses. Generally speaking, software that has been optimized for standard tasks in routine maintenance situations cannot effectively be scaled to accommodate the demands of very large and complex work orders in shipbuilding. Our solutions are adapted to different processes required by different providers of marine services.

Similarly, we team up with industry experts in accounting systems. Much larger companies than WatchCaptain are specialists that can provide higher-performance business accounting software and can keep up with the evolution of accounting requirements. As such we prefer to invest our development resources into marine-specific areas, and we develop the interfaces with providers our customers prefer. Our solutions have been designed to be open to integration with the various accounting systems our customers choose.

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